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Allies ne demek?

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DC mayor sees Hill allies in campaign for Washington Redskins name change.
DC Belediye Washington Redskins isim değişikliği için kampanya Tepesi müttefikleri görür.
Kaynak: thehill.com
Voters in Huntington Park Toss Jailed Assessor Noguez Allies Out of Office.
Huntington Park Seçmenler Out of Office hapisteki Değerlendirici Noguez Müttefikler Toss.
Kaynak: loscerritosnews.net
Ignatius: Cheney Not Aware Of "The Damage He Did" To Country, Allies.
Ignatius: Cheney Ülke için "O mü Hasar", Müttefikler farkında değil.
Kaynak: realclearpolitics.com
Balochistan deadlock: Naek woos allies to end governor's rule.
Belucistan kilitlenme: valinin yönetimine son vermek Naek woos müttefikleri.
Kaynak: tribune.com.pk
The Allies of World War II were the countries that opposed the Axis powers during the Second World War (1939–1945). The Allies promoted
Kaynak: Allies of World War II
The Entente Powers or Allies. (Forces de l'Entente / Alliés; Alleati; Союзники. Soyuzniki) were the countries at war with the Central Powers
Kaynak: Allies of World War I
The Western Allies were a political and geographic grouping among the Allied Powers of the First World War and Second World War .
Kaynak: Western Allies
The Allies established a set of general guidelines on relations with other countries, beyond the above groupings in 1998 The guidelines do
Kaynak: NATO
Ultimately, Napoleon's earlier setbacks in Russia and Germany proved to be the seeds of his undoing, and the Allies occupied Paris,
Kaynak: War of the Sixth Coalition
At the start of World War I in 1914, all three members of the Triple Entente entered it as Allies against Germany and Austria-Hungary
Kaynak: Triple Entente
Council broke down in 1946–1947 due to growing tensions between the Allies, with Britain and the US wishing cooperation, France obstructing
Kaynak: Allied-occupied Germany
While the Allies were distracted, Napoleon solved his problem in characteristic fashion. On 26 February 1815, when the British and French
Kaynak: Hundred Days
The Allies , led by the United Kingdom , its Commonwealth (excluding the Irish Free State ), and France (until its defeat ), were joined
Kaynak: Participants in World War II
Allies is a Christian rock band. They released six album s during the 1980s and early 1990s. Band members: The most notable band members were
Kaynak: Allies (band)
These factors, together with the evacuation of the Czechoslovak Legion and the deteriorating situation compelled the Allies to withdraw
Kaynak: Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War

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