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He connected with his listeners, who audibly gasped after each bedazzlement.
O duyulacak her bedazzlement sonra soluk soluğa onun dinleyicileri ile bağlantılı.
Kaynak: oregonlive.com
It's audibly the work of a producer who's sweated blood over every single bar.
Bu duyulacak her çubuğun üzerinde kan terlerken olan bir üreticinin işi.
Kaynak: musicomh.com
The commentator audibly winces as he sees the accident, saying: 'Look out, son!
'Oğlum Dikkat: diyerek, kaza görür yorumcu duyulacak irkilir!
Kaynak: dailymail.co.uk
There are traditionally two ways for you to place your CTA: audibly and visually.
Sesli ve görsel olarak: sizin CTA yerleştirmek için geleneksel olarak iki yolu vardır.
Kaynak: business2community.com
A striking clock is a clock that sounds the hour s audibly on a bell or gong . In 12 hour striking, used most commonly in striking
Kaynak: Striking clock
A repeater is a complication in a mechanical watch or clock that audibly chimes the hours and often minutes at the press of a button.
Kaynak: Repeater (horology)
The final track is not audibly in 7/4, as it divides the measure into groups of 3-4-3-4 eighth notes, with each group of 3 sub-divided
Kaynak: Cubist Reggae
In phonetics , gemination or consonant elongation happens when a spoken consonant is pronounced for an audibly longer period of time than
Kaynak: Gemination
Greetings can be expressed both audibly and physically, and often involve a combination of the two. This topic excludes military and
Kaynak: Greeting
Each voter audibly casts a single ball into the ballot box under cover of the box, or of a combination of a cloth and the box itself, so
Kaynak: Blackballing
People are free to raise their hands in prayer and during songs, many pray their own prayers audibly, some pray in tongues, etc....
Kaynak: Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Together, these characteristics make for a visibly and audibly raw and organic instrument. Hotchiku are sometimes referred to as jinashi
Kaynak: Hotchiku
Visually, they appear as bands or "ghosts" near edges; audibly, they appear as "echos" near transients , particularly sounds from
Kaynak: Ringing artifacts
Simultaneously, a nearby Army reconnaissance team conducted a failed assault on the town on the basis that the audibly nearby Naval forces—
Kaynak: Joint Expedition Against Franklin
"One of the first Christian alternative rock bands of the 1990s Their name, when spoken, is audibly similar to saying "Dig Jesus" in Spanish .
Kaynak: DigHayZoose
"date August 2011 In an early radio appearance from 1989, Corgan can be heard referring to the tune, which D'arcy Wretzky audibly protests
Kaynak: Rhinoceros (song)
the coded representation of synthetic two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) objects that can be manifested audibly and/or
Kaynak: MPEG-4 Part 11
During the song, Joel audibly laughs after briefly hesitating during one of the verses. At the prompting of Paul Simon and Christie
Kaynak: You're Only Human (Second Wind)
This creates a unique effect of audibly inhaling and exhaling while simultaneously creating percussion sounds with the mouth
Kaynak: Kenny Muhammad
His work with deaf children focused on helping them to learn how to speak language audibly. He also instructed children in writing and in
Kaynak: Pedro Ponce de León
to sing "Matty Groves " one more time, I'll throw myself out of a window Denny's voice had audibly changed by this recording, due to smoking.
Kaynak: Gold Dust (Sandy Denny album)
Dewey appeared to be an interactive search assistant who audibly commented on searched keywords in her own style and made random actions
Kaynak: Ms. Dewey
It is, as Keenan notes, audibly less musically conventional than its predecessors and relies on Stapleton's improving abilities of tape-
Kaynak: Homotopy to Marie

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