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clipping ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

clipping anlamı
1) kırpma
2) kırpıntı
3) kupür
4) kırpılan şeyler

"clipping" için örnek kullanımlar

Whelan capped off a disastrous moment by clipping the Frenchman's heels.
Whelan Fransız'ın topuklar takarak bir felaket anında kapalı şapkalı.
Kaynak: independent.co.uk
Newspaper clipping from 1963 Hackettstown Little League team surfaces.
1963 Hackettstown Little League ekibi yüzeylerden Gazete kupürü.
Kaynak: nj.com
Police were called after he was seen clipping the central reservation.
O merkezi rezervasyon kırpma görüldü sonra Polis çağrıldı.
Kaynak: edp24.co.uk
Latosha Thornsberry spends nearly six hours a day clipping coupons.
Latosha Thornsberry yaklaşık altı saat kırpma kupon harcıyor.
Kaynak: wcyb.com
In linguistics , clipping is the word formation process which consists in the reduction of a word to one of its parts (Marchand: 1969).
Kaynak: Clipping (morphology)
A clipping path (or "deep etch) is a closed vector path , or shape, used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software. the clipping
Kaynak: Clipping path
In digital photography and digital video, clipping is a result of capturing or processing an image where the intensity in a certain area
Kaynak: Clipping (photography)
Wing clipping is the process of trimming a bird 's primary flight feathers ("primaries") so that it is no longer fully flighted.
Kaynak: Wing clipping
In gridiron football , clipping is the illegal act of a blocker contacting a non-ballcarrying opponent from behind and at or below the
Kaynak: Clipping (gridiron football)
Coin debasement was effected by several methods, including clipping (shaving metal from the coin's circumference) and sweating (shaking
Kaynak: Methods of coin debasement
A clipping circuit consists of linear elements like resistor s and non-linear elements like junction diode s or transistor s, but it does
Kaynak: Clipper (electronics)
Initial attempts to incorporate the clip into applications in endoscopy (such as clipping bleeding blood vessel s) were limited by the
Kaynak: Endoclip
.Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to create a soft clipping action where some highlight detail can be preserved in high contrast scenes.
Kaynak: White clipper
In computer graphics , line clipping is the process of removing lines or portions of lines outside of an area of interest. Typically, any
Kaynak: Line clipping

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