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dimeter ne demek?

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dimeter anlamı
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In poetry , a dimeter is a metrical line of verse with two feet . The particular foot , of course, can vary. Consider Thomas Hood's "Bridge
Kaynak: Dimeter
iambic dimeter: Iambic verse of four feet, paired to make two metra, hence the name 'iambic dimeter'. It is constituted like the first and
Kaynak: Prosody (Latin)
There must be two stanza s, each comprising three lines of dactylic dimeter followed by a line consisting of just a choriamb
Kaynak: Double dactyl
It consisted of a verse of iambic trimeter, followed by a verse of iambic dimeter, and it is reported that, although the epode was carried
Kaynak: Epode
and short syllables at the end of a verse In classical grammatical terminology it can be described as a trochaic dimeter catalectic , i.e.
Kaynak: Lekythion
We know from the ancient grammarian Terentianus that Alphius Avitus composed a work about "Illustrious Men", in iambic dimeter s,
Kaynak: Alphius Avitus
This twelfth poem or hymn contains 52 iambic dimeter strophes, and an irregular selection from its 208 lines has furnished four hymns to
Kaynak: Quicumque Christum Quærtis
corpus of Estonian folksongs which contains around 800,000 pages of manuscript, including 100,000 songs in the standard trochaic dimeter form.
Kaynak: Monumenta Estoniae Antiquae
It comprises three strophe s of four verses in Classical iambic dimeter , the verses rhyming in couplets, together with a fourth
Kaynak: Rex gloriose martyrum
The Sphinx employs a form of anapestic dimeter and its catalectic form, the paroemiac. Secondary sources of Mesomede's poems To Helios and
Kaynak: Catalectic
His other writings include an Abecedarian hymn in honour of Christ, consisting of twenty-three quatrain s of iambic dimeter s, has partly
Kaynak: Coelius Sedulius
The stanza is six lines in length and rhymes aaabab, with tetrameter a lines and dimeter b lines. The second b line may or may not be
Kaynak: Burns stanza
consciously worked with cretic lines and fully cretic measures. English Renaissance songs employed cretic dimeter fairly frequently (e.g. "
Kaynak: Cretic
The hymns for Vespers (O lux beata caelitum) and Lauds (O gente felix hospita) are in classical dimeter iambics, four-lined stanzas, of
Kaynak: Sacra Jam Splendent
I begins as octosyllabic couplets then shifts to pentameter couplets with occasional interludes of alternately rhymed trimeter -dimeter s.
Kaynak: Al Aaraaf

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