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It came to rest inverted with the empennage fractured.
Bu empennage kırık ile ters dinlenmek için geldi.
Kaynak: flightglobal.com
The first flight test aircraft is significantly advanced: the complete pressure fuselage, including the nose, aft fuselage and empennage have been joined, the landing gear has been installed and the wing is attached to the fuselage.
İlk uçuş test uçağı ölçüde gelişmiştir: tam basınç gövde, burun, arka gövde ve kuyruk bölümü iniş takımları monte edildikten katıldı edilmiş ve kanat gövdeye takılır dahil.
Kaynak: compositesworld.com
The empennage. (icon | ˌ | ɑː | m | p | ɨ | ˈ | n | ɑː | ʒ or. ˈ | ɛ | m | p | ɨ | n | ɪ | dʒ Most aircraft feature empennage incorporating
Kaynak: Empennage
are small wing surfaces placed behind the center of mass of an aircraft, either as part of the tail empennage or outboard on aft-swept wings.
Kaynak: Stabilizer (aircraft)
A T-tail is an empennage configuration in which the horizontal surfaces (tailplane and elevator s) are mounted to the top of the
Kaynak: T-tail
is a small lifting surface located on the tail (empennage ) behind the main lifting surfaces of a fixed-wing aircraft as well as other
Kaynak: Tailplane
A twin tail is a specific type of vertical stabilizer arrangement found on the empennage of some aircraft . Two vertical stabilizers—
Kaynak: Twin tail
These are also known as the vertical tail, and are part of an aircraft's empennage . The trailing end of the stabilizer is typically
Kaynak: Vertical stabilizer
The cruciform tail is an aircraft empennage configuration which, when viewed from the aircraft's front or rear, looks much like a cross
Kaynak: Cruciform tail
A tailhook, arresting hook, or arrester hook is a device attached to the empennage (rear) of some military fixed wing aircraft .
Kaynak: Tailhook
from wings and empennage, and from discrete masses such as the engine) is taken by the surface covering. In addition, all the load from
Kaynak: Fuselage
A short coupled aircraft is an aircraft with a relatively short distance between the wing and empennage (tail assembly). This can lead
Kaynak: Short-coupled aircraft
The main parts of the airframe are the fuselage, wing, stabilizing tail or empennage, and undercarriage. Fuselage: File:737-700f.gif |
Kaynak: Aircraft
Extra 230 was a conventional (if short-coupled) mid-wing cantilever monoplane with fixed tailwheel undercarriage and a wire-braced empennage .
Kaynak: Extra EA-230
Over 4,000 wing and empennage for L-29 Delfín , a jet trainer aircraft that became the standard jet trainer for the air forces Warsaw
Kaynak: Letov Kbely
In 1934, a version with a revised empennage, the AeMO.1, was developed as an observation machine, 41 examples of which were delivered from
Kaynak: FMA AeC.2
in Linköping , Sweden, while Fairchild was responsible for the wing s, empennage , and wing-mounted nacelle s for the two turboprop engines.
Kaynak: Saab 340
to the FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet, the "Model 10 is similar to Model A2-A except for new design empennage, ailerons and fuel tank vent."
Kaynak: Mooney M10
The empennage consisted of vertical and horizontal vanes arranged like the fletching of an arrow , behind which the vertical rudder was
Kaynak: Lebaudy Patrie
Aircraft livery is a paint scheme applied to an aircraft , generally to fuselage , wing s, empennage (tail fin), or jet engine s.
Kaynak: Aircraft livery
The BG-12 is a conventional sailplane design, with a high cantilever wing and a conventional empennage. Later models featured a highly-
Kaynak: Briegleb BG-12
It featured greater wingspan, swept empennage members, and greater fuel capacity. Design: The AB-115 is a high-wing monoplane , with strut-
Kaynak: Aero Boero AB-115

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