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irredentist ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

irredentist anlamı
1) irredantist
2) kaybedilen toprakları geri isteyen
3) ülkenin kaybettiği toprakları geri isteyen kimse

"irredentist" için örnek kullanımlar

Because most border s have been moved and redrawn over time, a great many countries could theoretically present irredentist claims to
Kaynak: Irredentism
Italian irredentism (irredentismo italiano) was an Italian irredentist movement that (in the late 19th century and early 20th century)
Kaynak: Italian irredentism
Megáli Idéa, the "Big Idea) was an irredentist concept of Greek nationalism that expressed the goal of establishing a Greek state that
Kaynak: Megali Idea
Not all territorial dispute s are irredentist , although they are often couched in irredentist rhetoric to justify and legitimize such
Kaynak: List of irredentist claims or disputes
Greater Albania or Ethnic Albania (Shqipëria Etnike) is an irredentist concept of lands that are considered to form the national homeland
Kaynak: Greater Albania
See also : List of irredentist claims or disputes List of political parties campaigning for self-government List of proposed state mergers
Kaynak: Lists of active separatist movements
literally Undivided India) is an irredentist call to reunite Pakistan and Bangladesh with India to form an "Undivided India" as it
Kaynak: Akhand Bharat
is an irredentist concept among ethnic Macedonian nationalists that aims to unify the transnational region of Macedonia in
Kaynak: United Macedonia
Greater Bulgaria is term to identify the territory associated with a historical national state and a modern Bulgaria n irredentist
Kaynak: Greater Bulgaria
Guglielmo Oberdan, (born Wilhelm Oberdank) (February 1, 1858 - December 20, 1882) was an Italian irredentist . He was executed after a
Kaynak: Guglielmo Oberdan
Greater Finland (Suur-Suomi) was an irredentist and nationalist idea which emphasized territorial expansion of Finland in the context of
Kaynak: Greater Finland
"Greater Mauritania" is a term for the Mauritania n irredentist claim to Western Sahara , and possibly other Moorish or Sahrawi -populated
Kaynak: Greater Mauritania
ProKarelia is a Finnish irredentist group that works for the return to Finland of Finnish Karelia , Petsamo , Salla and some islands in
Kaynak: ProKarelia
Pan-Mongolism is an irredentist idea advocating the union of the contiguous territories inhabited by Mongols into a single independent
Kaynak: Pan-Mongolism
Western Azerbaijan (Qərbi Azərbaycan) is an irredentist political concept that is used in the Republic of Azerbaijan mostly to refer to
Kaynak: Western Azerbaijan (political concept)
Great Timor (Timor Raya) refers to the irredentist concept of a united and independent island of Timor , covering formerly Portuguese
Kaynak: Great Timor
opposing the irredentist propaganda and the Italian occupation, and was repressed by Italian fascist forces and subsequently by German troops.
Kaynak: Italian irredentism in Corsica
Gustav Smedal (1888–1951) was a Norwegian jurist and irredentist activist. He was known for his activism in the so-called "Greenland case
Kaynak: Gustav Smedal
a critical context accusing Morocco, largely in discussing the disputed Western Sahara , of irredentist claims on neighbouring territories.
Kaynak: Greater Morocco
of promoting the irredentist concept of a United Macedonia , which involves territorial claims on Greece , Bulgaria , Albania , and Serbia .
Kaynak: Macedonia naming dispute

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