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paraboloid anlamı
1) paraboloit

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In mathematics , a paraboloid is a quadric surface of special kind. There are two kinds of paraboloids: elliptic and hyperbolic.
Kaynak: Paraboloid
In the theory of quadratic form s, the parabola is the graph of the quadratic form x^2 (or other scalings), while the elliptic paraboloid
Kaynak: Parabola
A parabolic (or paraboloid or paraboloidal) reflector (or dish or mirror) is a reflective surface used to collect or project energy such
Kaynak: Parabolic reflector
Flamm's paraboloid : Image:Flamm. jpg | A plot of Flamm's paraboloid. It should not be confused with the unrelated concept of a gravity well .
Kaynak: Schwarzschild metric
A rotating furnace is a device for making solid objects which have concave surfaces that are segments of axially symmetrical paraboloid s
Kaynak: Rotating furnace
Golden Bay is a shallow, paraboloid shaped bay at the northwest end of New Zealand 's South Island . An arm of the Tasman Sea , the bay
Kaynak: Golden Bay
The 4C Array is a cylindrical paraboloid radio telescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory . It is similar in design to the
Kaynak: 4C Array
Isaac Newton noted that the free surface of a rotating liquid forms a circular paraboloid and can therefore be used as a telescope, but
Kaynak: Liquid mirror telescope
See also: Paraboloid / Hyperbolic paraboloid Hyperboloid structure Ruled surface de Sitter space Vladimir Shukhov References : Wilhelm
Kaynak: Hyperboloid
The hyperbolic paraboloid form has been used for roofs at various times since it is easily constructed from straight sections of lumber,
Kaynak: Saddle roof
This configuration utilizes a two-axis feed flat mirror to reflect starlight into a fixed paraboloid of revolution (paraboloidal) mirror
Kaynak: Pfund telescope
family of equations that led to new structural and constructional systems, known as hyperboloids of revolution and hyperbolic paraboloid s.
Kaynak: Hyperboloid structure
The hyperbolic paraboloid and the hyperboloid of one sheet are doubly ruled surfaces. The plane is the only surface which contains three
Kaynak: Ruled surface
Classical examples of two-dimensional saddle surfaces in the Euclidean space are second order surfaces, the hyperbolic paraboloid z x^2-
Kaynak: Saddle surface
This pattern will be achieved by a truncated paraboloid reflector or a circular paraboloid reflector. Since the reflector is narrow in
Kaynak: Fan-beam antenna
Its shell roof is in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid, and is constructed of three thin skins of timber laid in different directions,
Kaynak: Church Army Chapel, Blackheath
Hyperbolic paraboloid s, such as saddle roof s. Hyperboloid of one sheet , such as cooling tower s. Notable projects : The world's first
Kaynak: List of hyperboloid structures
The curvature is actually that of an elliptic paraboloid with a e b. If the shape were that of a toroid , the mirror would exhibit
Kaynak: Toroidal reflector

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