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performance ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

performance anlamı
1) performans
2) gösteri
3) başarı
4) verim
5) yerine getirme
6) oyun
7) icraat
8) başarma gücü

"performance" için örnek kullanımlar

well, you can guess what happened based on his team's performance today.
iyi, onun takımın performansını bugün esas neler olduğunu tahmin edebilirsiniz.
Kaynak: guardian.co.uk
It won't be that easy for Evans to repeat his post performance against Indiana, though.
Bu Evans olsa, Indiana karşısında görevinden performansı tekrarlamak o kadar kolay olmayacak.
Kaynak: buckys5thquarter.com
It was a great final performance by Peter Outerbridge on this series, who will be missed.
Bu özlenecek bu dizi, Peter Outerbridge tarafından büyük final performansını oldu.
Kaynak: ign.com
Toronto FC is coming off its own impressive performance.
Toronto FC kendi etkileyici bir performans kapalı geliyor.
Kaynak: cbc.ca
A performance, in performing arts , generally comprises an event in which a performer or group of performers behave in a particular way for
Kaynak: Performance
In art , performance art is a performance presented to an audience , traditionally interdisciplinary . Performance may be either scripted
Kaynak: Performance art
A concert is a live performance (typically of music date January 2013) before an audience . The performance may be by a single musician
Kaynak: Concert
as in some forms of experimental performance art , or, more commonly, as in John Malkovich's performance in the film Being John Malkovich
Kaynak: Actor
the "head") would be stated briefly at the start and end of a piece, but the core of the performance would be the series of improvisations.
Kaynak: Jazz
Historically informed performance (also referred to as period performance, authentic performance, or HIP) is an approach to the performance
Kaynak: Historically informed performance
CPU designers then borrowed ideas from commercial computing markets such as transaction processing , where the aggregate performance of
Kaynak: Central processing unit
The word also describes the performance that they give, which is usually a series of acts choreographed to music and introduced by a
Kaynak: Circus
Post-War performance: Post-World War II performing arts were highlighted by the resurgence of both ballet and opera in the Western world.
Kaynak: Performing arts
Performance poetry is poetry that is specifically composed for or during a performance before an audience. composed for performance rather
Kaynak: Performance poetry
A sports car (sportscar or sport car) is a small, usually two seat, two door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble
Kaynak: Sports car
term Norm | content Norm defn A performance at a chess tournament that indicates a player is ready to receive a title, or the level of
Kaynak: Glossary of chess
Computer performance is characterized by the amount of useful work accomplished by a computer system compared to the time and resources used
Kaynak: Computer performance
Performance tests : A performance test is an assessment that requires an examinee to actually perform a task or activity, rather than simply
Kaynak: Test (assessment)
calls for a percussion section featuring a number of musicians who might each play a variety of different instruments during a performance.
Kaynak: Multi-instrumentalist
Ameture actors means a actor who not require money against his performance. In ameture theater group contain those actors. Improvisation
Kaynak: Acting

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