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posterior ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

posterior anlamı
1) arka
2) popo
3) kıç
4) kaba et
1) sonraki
2) gerideki
3) sonra gelen
4) geri
5) arkadaki

"posterior" için örnek kullanımlar

Mijares was diagnosed with a posterior impingement in his pitching elbow.
Mijares onun pitching dirsekte posterior impingement tanısı konuldu.
Kaynak: blog.sfgate.com
Sometimes, 'Thinking on our feet often leaves us sitting on our posterior!'
Bazen, 'bizim ayakları üzerinde düşünme genellikle bizim posterior oturan bırakır!'
Kaynak: ourtribune.com
He's recovering from a posterior cruciate ligament injury to his left knee.
O arka çapraz bağ yaralanması onun sol diz iyileşiyor.
Kaynak: cbssports.com
Jose Mijares was diagnosed with a posterior impingement in his pitching elbow.
Jose Mijares onun pitching dirsekte posterior impingement tanısı konuldu.
Kaynak: sfgate.com
Anterior and posterior: In human anatomical usage, anterior refers to the "front" of the individual, and is synonymous with ventral, other
Kaynak: Anatomical terms of location
In Bayesian statistics , the posterior probability of a random event or an uncertain proposition is the conditional probability that is
Kaynak: Posterior probability
The posterior cruciate ligament (or PCL) is one of the four major ligament s of the knee . It connects the posterior intercondylar area
Kaynak: Posterior cruciate ligament
The posterior pituitary (or neurohypophysis) comprises the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and is part of the endocrine system .
Kaynak: Posterior pituitary
The posterior cranial fossa is part of the intracranial cavity , located between the foramen magnum and tentorium cerebelli .
Kaynak: Posterior cranial fossa
The posterior cricoarytenoid muscles are extremely small, paired muscles that extend from the posterior cricoid cartilage to the
Kaynak: Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle
The occipital horn of the lateral ventricle posteriorly (also posterior cornu of the lateral ventricle, postcornu of the lateral
Kaynak: Posterior horn of lateral ventricle
The buttocks (singular: buttock) are two rounded portions of the anatomy, located on the posterior of the pelvic region of ape s and human
Kaynak: Buttocks
The posterior longitudinal ligament is situated within the vertebral canal , and extends along the posterior surfaces of the bodies of
Kaynak: Posterior longitudinal ligament
The posterior spinal artery (dorsal spinal artery) arises from the vertebral artery , adjacent to the medulla oblongata . Path
Kaynak: Posterior spinal artery
The posterior ethmoidal artery is an artery of the head which supplies the nasal septum . It is smaller than the anterior ethmoidal
Kaynak: Posterior ethmoidal artery
The posterior gluteal line (superior curved line), the shortest of the three gluteal lines, begins at the iliac crest , about 5 cm in
Kaynak: Posterior gluteal line
The posterior sacrococcygeal ligament or dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament is a ligament which stretches from the sacrum to the coccyx
Kaynak: Posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
The Scalenus posterior (Scalenus posticus), the smallest and most deeply seated of the three Scaleni, arises, by two or three separate
Kaynak: Scalenus posterior
Although technically referring only to posterior teeth (where the cheeks are present instead of lips, use of this term may extend to all
Kaynak: Commonly used terms of relationship and comparison in dentistry
The posterior semicircular canal is a part of the vestibular system and detects rotations of the head in the sagittal plane.
Kaynak: Posterior semicircular canal
The Posterior meniscofemoral ligament (ligament of Wrisberg) is a small fibrous band of the knee joint . It attaches to the posterior area
Kaynak: Posterior meniscofemoral ligament
The tibialis posterior is the most central of all the leg muscle s, and is located in the posterior compartment of the leg .
Kaynak: Tibialis posterior muscle
The posterior cerebral artery (PCA) is one of a pair of blood vessel s that supply oxygenated blood to the posterior aspect of the brain
Kaynak: Posterior cerebral artery

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