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reception ne demek?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

reception anlamı
1) resepsiyon
2) alma
3) kabul
4) alış
5) karşılama
6) tepki

"reception" için örnek kullanımlar

"I permed my hair today," Cooper said at the BAFTA Tea reception.
"Saçımı bugün perma," Cooper BAFTA Çay resepsiyonda dedi.
Kaynak: eonline.com
7.34pm And the Crusaders make their way out to a great reception.
07:34 Ve Haçlılar büyük bir resepsiyon için onların yol yapmak.
Kaynak: 3news.co.nz
The LOC will host a private reception for NCAA officials, teams and sponsors Mond
LOC Mond NCAA yetkilileri, takımlar ve sponsorlar için özel bir resepsiyona ev sahipliği yapacak
Kaynak: daytondailynews.com
In American football , a reception is part of a play in which a forward pass from behind the line of scrimmage is received (caught) by a
Kaynak: Reception (American football)
education in Western Australia, South Australia or the Northern Territory is referred to respectively as pre-primary, reception or transition
Kaynak: Kindergarten
A wedding reception is a party held after the completion of a marriage ceremony. hence the name reception: the couple receives society,
Kaynak: Wedding reception
The primary benefit of DSP hardware in shortwave receivers is the ability to tailor the bandwidth of the receiver to current reception
Kaynak: Receiver (radio)
Reception theory is a version of reader response literary theory that emphasizes the reader's reception of a literary text .
Kaynak: Reception theory
European provinces, ordering them not only to refrain from repelling the Spanish refugees, but to give them a friendly and welcome reception.
Kaynak: Bayezid II
A QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radiocommunication between two amateur radio station s or a one-way reception of
Kaynak: QSL card
A television antenna, or TV aerial, is an antenna specifically designed for the reception of over the air broadcast television signal s
Kaynak: Television antenna
QSL card , card confirming either a two-way radiocommunication between two amateur radio stations or a one-way reception of a signal from a
Kaynak: QSL
Because this tends to turn on and off when at the threshold of reception, and the threshold is often set too low by the manufacturer 's
Kaynak: Broadcast range
In astrology , reception is a condition where one planet is located in a sign where a second planet has astrological dignity -for example,
Kaynak: Reception (astrology)

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