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publications worldwide, and is the author of travel guidebooks (for publishers such as Lonely Planet and Moon Publications ) and a literary travelog.
Kaynak: Christopher Paul Baker
narrative nonfiction (biography and autobiography , memoir , true crime , travelog and literary journalism ), often with a Southeast Asian angle.
Kaynak: Monsoon Books
Getting Stoned with Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu is a 2007 non-fiction travelog by J. Maarten Troost .
Kaynak: Getting Stoned with Savages
Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett has written three songs based on Twain's travelog, Following the Equator ("That's What Livin' is to Me
Kaynak: Mark Twain in popular culture
The movie is in a documentary travelog format as it follows a Japanese adult video (AV) actress(Kaoruko Wakaba) and the filming crew from
Kaynak: Naked Continent
References: gov/archive/ovvi/tn/travelog. htm | title U.S. National Park Service David Eggenberger, An Encyclopedia of Battles (New York:
Kaynak: Roan Mountain (Roan Highlands)
In 1890, Wang Tao published his travelog Jottings from Carefree Travels. He also worked part-time for Shen Pao and International Tribune as
Kaynak: Wang Tao (19th century)
Japanese manners that is a precursor to Madame Butterfly and Miss Saigon (a combination of narrative and travelog) was published the same year
Kaynak: Pierre Loti
Photographer Angerson retraces J.B. Priestley's footsteps 75 years after publication of Priestley's seminal travelog, English Journey.
Kaynak: English Journey
External links : html Kazuhiko's travelog, unofficial fansite. Category:Railway companies of Japan Category:Rail transport in Aichi Prefecture
Kaynak: Nagoya Rinkai Railway

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